Working as a Team

Working as a Team


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Hello everyone, and welcome to another lovely week.

alright-guys-so-welcome-back-welcome.gif I'm still your favorite author, and I'm here to treat you to another fantastic read. To be honest, this week was not the finest for us; no one was as active as they could have been. But we still had to deliver; there were so many tasks that needed to be completed that we had no option but to get out of bed and go to work. Anyway, come along with me as I take you through another fantastic chapter of our adventure to develop Kleptar.


IMG_6739.jpg I remember this day like it was yesterday; I was looking forward to going to bed and getting a good night's sleep without worrying about having a task to accomplish, but Drey couldn't wait to give assignments to every one of us. Drey determined that we didn't need any breathing room and that we needed to get to work right away at 12:52 a.m. on Monday. He dropped the assignment on the channel at this precise hour, and our day's activities began while some were still asleep (Drey is after our life guys).

Our team leader, Success, instantly sent out a voice note on the Slack workspace saying that we should all do better than last week since, as the days pass, one should be growing rather than spiraling down. She stated that she believes in us and that we should give it our all.


dreamstime_s_115214614.jpg Every team member worked on their assigned tasks, and Success, the team leader, requested each sub-team lead to provide details on the progress done thus far. A report was written, and she corrected any errors she saw. She advised everyone to focus on their assigned tasks, and we should all be ready for another presentation this week.


No meeting was done. Every team worked on their project work and gave Success status report.


giphy.gif We had a meeting today that seemed more like a reunion. Let me explain why I stated that. This is a start-up with 51 team members, each with unique features and perspectives on the world. As predicted, several of us were at odds with one another, but this meeting cleared everything up and provided clarifications. We also agreed that we needed to meet more frequently to avoid a repetition of what happened today. On that basis, we decided to meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m. to discuss each team's progress.


tumblr_m0h8l7MsWe1qh2o7zo1_500.webp We are overjoyed that it is Friday. I know I am, and so are many other members of this startup's team. Even some of our team members have plans (they are heading outside). Even though we were hoping for a relaxing weekend, we worked hard to meet all of our goals.


GettyImages-981594838-5bccd3fcc9e77c0051557144.jpg I can't stop smiling because our website is coming together. You're all unprepared for what's to come. The WordPress team performed admirably, however, we are still trying to enhance our site. I am confident that we will have a great turnout.


We all closed up any loose ends on our projects and submitted them to the team leader for compilation. I understand that this week has not gone as planned, but one thing I am certain of is that we are growing and improving. Be safe guys, see you next time.

The digital marketing team made an end-to-end marketing plan for the organization. The WordPress team completed their task. The graphics team made some graphic designs. The product management team made a product roadmap. The UI/UX team completed their designs.