Taking the Next Big Step


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Taking the Next Big Step

This week felt surreal for all of us. Yeah I know many times when given tasks to work on we all look forward to seeing the end of this boot camp, we have all pictured how we were going to spend the weeks that come after the end of this boot camp and it is finally the last week. With this being our last storytelling, we would absolutely like to make the most of it.

On Monday, Drey dropped the task for everyone to work on and Success our team lead, encouraged us all to get to work fast. She asked every department to work on the task assigned to them.

Task Assigned




IMG_7296.jpg With this being the last week of the boot camp, it may seem as though there is not much work to be done but there is. With everyone having the intention to launch our product in the coming days, we had to work at perfecting everything before the launch date.

We had our meetings and every team helped out the digital marketing teams with the business proposal. They were having difficulties with the financial aspect of the business which had to do with the pricing of the services we render to our clients, we all decided to help out seeing as we have not concluded on it yet, and after so many deliberations and discussions, we decided on the pricing to set up for our startup services.

This week generally has been a good week for us, we laughed, we played, we talked, we worked and we connected. Our startup is standing strong today because of our strong pillars. These pillars are our respective team members who despite their busy schedules, they made out time to work and deliver every task given to them to work on. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t appreciate each team’s hard work which is why we are using this moment to appreciate each team.






Product managers:

A big shout out to our product managers. They have been awesome. They played their role well and ensured that all team performed their weekly task timely. They were there to help and even took up the task of testing our product seeing we had no quality assurance team. For some who might be curious, the product managers are responsible for managing and developing the services. They are the brain box behind the product strategy and the features to be included in our services. Thank you for being our brain box and always being available to help.

Digital marketers and content creators:

We have the best digital marketers! I so much love their spirit and dedication to work. The startup never allowed this team to rest even for a day. They are always at the center of it all. They are responsible for developing engaging content, sharing promotional offers to customers via email, managing our social media accounts, giving content to graphic designers to design, and managing the blog post, even this current storytelling of our journey is all because of our digital marketers. They provided content to all teams in the startup. If there is one team a startup can’t do without, it’s definite the digital marketers. You guys deserve an accolade. Thank you for giving your best and showing us to the world.

Customer Relations personnel:

This is another wonderful team. They help us know what runs through our potential customer’s minds. The questions that are frequently asked by our clients, what they expect from our services, and many more. They are responsible for maintaining engagements with our customers. You guys are amazing! Thank you very much for all you do.

Graphics designers:

Our graphics team!!!! You guys are exceptional! They are responsible for designing flyers, banners, logos, and infographics for the promotion of the brand. Their designs are always top-notch. No one can argue this fact, anyone who comes across our designs is always wowed. Though quiet in discussions, one thing is they always deliver and when they do, expect to be blown away. Thank you for the beautiful designs and for always delivering.

Product designers:

Another incredible team, they are always after our users to have the best experience when visiting our site. When it comes to design, they are creating lots. They are responsible for the designing of the website which is then worked on by the WordPress developer team. When you log on to our website and you love the interface and your experience, just know it’s the work of our product design team. You guys are awesome, though it wasn’t easy, you guys still came through. Thank you.

WordPress developers:

Our ogas, without them we have no website. They are responsible for building and maintaining the website. They ensure the proper function and running of our website. Though not always available due to their busy schedule, I love the fact they always take out time out of their busy schedule to build the website to perfection. I know it wasn’t easy for you, it’s not easy for any team member, which is why we appreciate everything you have done so far.

Data Analysts:

They are responsible for gathering data, current and past data, on which the team would base their work. Do you know that saying data is information and information is power? Well, it’s true! Data truly powers everything that we do. I say this because thanks to our data analyst we were able to get some valuable information on real estate which helped the teams tailor their work in accordance with the data. You guys didn’t allow us to go into the game blindly and for that, we are thankful.

Our readers:


You guys are just the best! You have continuously journeyed with us and you know all about our experiences in this boot camp. We are grateful to have you on our team. Thank you for always reading our blog posts, it’s because of you guys we write and document our journey. Thanks for coming this far with us. You might not know it but you are our source of encouragement. Thank you, guys.

You should definitely know that this is not the last time you would be hearing about us. Our vision is to make Kleptar a household name in the real estate world and we are working towards it. With that being said we have come to the end of our six weeks journey. It's been lovely having you guys on board with us even as we go through this wonderful journey. We look forward to what the future holds for the start-up and each team member.

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