Side Hustle Boot Camp

Side Hustle Boot Camp

Progress Report Of Our Boot Camp Experience


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The 6-week boot camp started with onboarding by the side hustle team.

During the onboarding session, we were assigned to startup 2. Our project is to develop a B2B platform for buying and selling real estate.

DAY ONE: On the first day of the first week, we held a general meeting where we came up with the product name, the tagline, and the scope of our product, and we elected sub-team leads for each track.

DAY TWO: The graphics design team designed a flier that contained the headshot of each team member, which was used to make a post on Twitter.

DAY THREE: The community manager of the side hustle boot camp assigned tasks to all the tracks.


Product Management Team

Task: Create a brand guide for the startup.

Accomplishment: Our Mission. Product Vision, Product Features, User Persona, [User Flow],(, Product Requirement Document.

Product Design Team

Task: Conduct User Research, Create a Design System, and Commence Work on Low- fidelity Wireframes.

Accomplishment: User research & low-fidelity wireframe Attached here is the link to the [low-fidelity wire frame]. (

Digital Marketing and Content Creation:

Task: Create social media pages on all platforms. Create a social media strategy for June and a content calendar.

Accomplishment: The team was been able to create social media pages on social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. We also have the email for the company ready. Our social media strategy was collated using Google Docs. Here is a link to the social media strategy. The marketing team made a content calendar for the month of June, which can be seen here

Graphic Design: Task: Create a Brand Guide for the Startup

Accomplishment: The team designed the logo for the company, the flier and the brand pattern.

Kleptar Logo 4.PNG


Data Analysis:

Task: Conduct research extensively and get data showing trends over the past 10 years, the present (user research with at least 500 responses), and future predicted trends around your product.

Analyze and Visualize this data, and create a dashboard in line with the brand guide. Bonus Points for Data Story Telling

Accomplishment: The team completed their task and hereit is!

Word Press:

Task: Build a one-page landing page (coming soon page) with a newsletter section where people can register their email address, that connects with MailChimp

Accomplishment: The team created a "coming soon" landing page connected with Mailchimp for the purpose of newsletter subscription.

The websitewas created using the pantheon platform.

Customer Relationship Management

Task: Conduct research and pick a CRM tool to use. Research questions people could ask about your project and create a FAQ document for FE to add to the landing page. Create a account to chat with customers.

Accomplishment: This report is to provide an update on the task that was assigned to the CRM team.

The team have completed the following task:

We conducted a research and picked a suitable CRM tool that will be used.

We came up with some FAQs that can be added to the landing page.

And lastly, we created a an account that will be used to chat with customers.

It has been a great experience so far. Our team has been collaborative and supportive. We look forward to the rest of the journey.