Building a Successful Startup.

Building a Successful Startup.


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Coming on social media platforms and seeing the success story of many startups, how they started with no money and now they are making millions. It will seem easy and all but it isn’t. Seeing these startup success stories, you get to think of the glamour behind being part of a startup or owning a startup and hardly think of the work that has been put into making the startup successful. I am guilty of this, to be honest, but recently I am getting to understand that there is more than meets the eye. Building a startup is definitely not for the weak! It’s not easy, it involves dedication, passion, and hard work. We all got to understand this and we are putting in the work so one day, we can also share our success story with our clients and the world as a whole.

Tenant-Welcome-Letter-Templates.jpg.webp That being said, welcome to week five beautiful people, and let’s delve straight into this week’s work.


IMG_7032.jpg I would have really loved to say that our task dropped on this day but oh well that’s not what happened. So Drey dropped our task a day earlier which happens to be on Sunday, and before Monday we all knew what we were to work on. Our ever-active team lead Success checked up on everyone and shared the task on our start-up workspace, she also encouraged us all to get to work so we can achieve the best results this week. The product managers later shared a competitive analysis document they worked on with everyone in the slack workspace. It was later decided that we will discuss more on it in the meeting to take place on Tuesday by 6 pm.


istockphoto-1218524083-612x612.jpg In preparation for the meeting which will take place today, our product managers prepared some crucial questions that needed to be answered and worked on regarding our product launch plans. Aren’t they the best? Thanks a lot, guys!

All team members had a daily standup meeting and worked on the tasks assigned to them.

By 6:00 pm we all gathered on google meet for the meeting. I won’t lie, it was a lengthy meeting but it was worth it. Complaints were made on some work done and encouraged the team to make corrections, some changes were made to the website and interface, and some beautiful ideas were shared by some of our teammates in regards to the future of this startup. Seeing as this startup is very important to us (it’s literally our baby which we are all nursing to grow and become established), we came up with some long-term goals to accomplish. An idea was brought about by Iseoluwa, one of the digital marketing team members about partnering with some real estate agencies so as to impact our brand credibility. Owing to the fact that we have no quality assurance in our start-up, we were all encouraged to work on it ourselves and share the site to friends, colleagues, family, or even strangers. In all, we were able to work on some of the questions compiled by the product managers and we all agreed to meet same time on Thursday to work on the remaining points left. Success rounded the meeting up by complimenting the work done by each team and encouraging us to keep working.


Each team had a standup meeting with their team members and continued to work on the task assigned to each of them. Success, seeing as the team is not as vibrant as it used to be decided to drop some motivating messages on the workspace to keep our fire burning. I must say it really did the trick! The graphics team was on a roll and they kept dropping beautiful designs for the digital marketing team.


Delivery URL - BetterUp - importance of teamwork [ARTICLE]-3.jpg We all worked on our individual tasks assigned to us. Success sent out a meeting link and reminder for the general meeting to be held by 6 pm on google meet.

At exactly 6 pm we started the meeting and discussed the changes effected after corrections were made by the design and WordPress team. We worked on the crucial questions left for the product launch plan. We also talked about the short-term revenue model we would employ for the start-up. Different ideas rolled in and after much deliberation, we agreed on the revenue model to be used. At the meeting, it was suggested that the digital marketing team help out the CRM team seeing as they are short-staffed and they would need helping hands. Remember I said earlier that we are making long-term plans, well I am happy to announce that we will be registering our name “Kleptar” with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC). If you recall I told you in the second week that we reserved the name “Kleptar” at CAC to avoid the name being taken from us. Our team lead Success, would be helping us with registering our startup name with CAC. We all agreed to contribute a sum of money in to register the startup name. After all, have been said and done, the meeting ended on a good note with everyone returning to work on their task.


TGIF! It’s Friday, and everyone is excited and getting ready to enjoy the weekend. Saturday is Eid Al-Adha Mubarak, and you guessed it right, we are all going to celebrate with our Muslim brothers and sisters that day. This made everyone work tediously to ensure we all finish up with all our tasks for the week so we could enjoy this weekend.


Dark Arabic Eid-al-adha - Instagram Post.png Eid Al-Adha Mubarak to all our Muslim friends. May Allah accept our duas. May Allah bless you and your family with his rahmah, may Allah’s blessings never leave your side.

Have a lovely Eid!

We are not perfect, but we are definitely growing. Stay safe lovelies and have a beautiful week.